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9 Tips For A Successful Pool Design

The pool design of your dreams is not just a place to splash around. It is a beautiful space where you can make precious memories with your family. 

A well-designed pool can transform your boring old backyard into something breathtaking to behold. 

So whatever your pool design dreams are, we want to see them realized. That’s why having a clear game plan before you commit is essential.

Navigating the world of pool design can be tricky, especially if it’s uncharted territory. 

What is the best material for pool coping? Should I invest in water features right from the start? How can I save on energy and maintenance costs? 

So we’re here to answer these questions and provide helpful tips to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible. Let’s get started! 

Tips for a Successful Pool Design:

1) Create A List Of Essentials: 

Right off the bat, you should list the must-haves in your pool design. Don’t hesitate to take some time to ask yourself why you want a pool in the first place. 

Do you want to deliver a bold aesthetic statement? Then use cutting edge landscaping and concrete coping for a lush, natural, and timeless look.

Do your kids want their very own water park? If yes, then invest in a water slide or water features like fountains and deck jets.  

Are you looking for a calming sanctuary to retreat in after a long day of work? Install a relaxing spa or a water heater in an enclosed pool. 

Thus, answering questions like these will help you to decide which features are essential to your pool design.

2) Decide On the Pool Layout

When deciding on your pool’s size and shape, a good rule is to pick a size that compliments your construction space. 

You do not want a small pool that looks like a spa. Nor do you want a large 8m X 4m pool hogging the space of a small yard.  

Another thing to consider is the number of people who will use the pool at a time. If you have friends regularly coming over, you can consider getting a larger pool. 

But if it’s meant to be enjoyed with close family, shelling out the extra dollars on a large pool may not be wise.

3) Research On Pool Features and Materials: 

A little research can go a long way in familiarizing yourself with all the options available. 

You can choose between concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl to build your pool. The pool shape can be a traditional rectangle or free-form. 

You can also use glass as pool fencing or Travertine to pave the area around the pool. An outdoor kitchen can provide immediate refreshments. A backyard BBQ is sure to get your colleagues coming for a feast. 

Fun pool toys, water slides, fountains, and deck jets can give the young ones ample opportunities to play. A refreshing spa or a Jacuzzi may be the perfect getaway after a stressful day. 

You can even invest in landscaping to introduce lush trees and vegetation to your pool aesthetic. Just don’t use plants with shallow and long root systems. Stick to perennials.  

So you can see that doing a little homework can help you mix and match the best options for your pool design.

4) Make Plans For Upgrades Early On:

The cost of retrofitting new features to your pool is pretty hefty. So is the price of renovating entire sections of your space to make room.

One way to prevent costs from skyrocketing is by drawing up plans early. Do you want to add a changing room? Maybe a gazebo? 

Or are you looking to spice things up with patios and negative pool edges? Maybe, even an infinity edge? 

All these possibilities start to open up when you include them in your initial plans. So you don’t have to worry about changing things up drastically. 

5) Keep A Scrapbook Of Pool Designs:

The secret to a stunning pool design lies in scoping out the best that’s out there. Hence, using design elements from the internet is a great way to visualize what you want. 

So hop onto Pinterest and search up elegant pool designs to add to your collection. Or maybe take a snapshot of every pool design you come across. 

Keeping a collection of eye-catching pool designs is very handy. It can help you understand what you like and what you don’t. 

6) Hire A Reputed Pool Designer:

A pool designer/contractor is the magic man who will make your pool design dreams come true. It pays to pick the best one for you.

Consult with your friends and relevant networks about the best pool construction services around. Take multiple interviews to determine each designer’s philosophies and unique style. 

You will be working closely with your chosen designer. So it’s important to establish clear lines of communication and understanding.

Always remember: the best pool designers can offer you a diverse portfolio of their previous works. While also assuring you that your project is in the best hands. 

7) Come Up With A Budget Early:

Your pool designer can help you get a sense of the costs of implementing your pool design fairly early on. You should set up a budget as soon as possible.

It helps to keep track of expenditures and makes future adjustments smoother. 

8) Keep Safety Measures And Rules In Mind:

Maintaining safety protocols is an absolute must. So is respecting neighborhood laws and regulations.  

Make sure to include pool alarms to alert you of anyone’s presence. Set up security cameras on backyard windows as well as child-safety locks on pool fences. 

If there are sensitive landmasses or waterways, you should know about property laws in your neighborhood. And if you are maintaining an acceptable range of sound pollution. 

9) Reduce Long-Term Costs: 

Maintaining a pool is easier now than ever. With enclosures and solar-powered pool heaters, you can enjoy substantial energy savings in the long run.

A pool cover can keep out plastic and small twigs. Attached ponds can clean up water just as good as chemicals – without the waste.

With modern pool setups, you can even have remote control. You can easily set the temperature of the pool water. Or even have the space cleaned by a vacuum. 


Thus, armed with these tips, we hope you are ready to turn your pool design dreams into reality. 

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