Infinity Edge Pool

Infinity Edge Pool: All You Need To Know

An infinity edge pool is a swimming pool where the water flows over multiple edges. You become trapped in the water body’s illusion of having no boundaries. 

They’re a spectacle to your eyes – infinity edge pools appear to merge with water in an adjacent water body or the sky.

This is why you’ll see infinity edge pools in many luxurious resorts and estates. If you remember it featuring in any film, your assumptions are right. An infinity edge pool appeared in the iconic Diamonds Are Forever.

Infinity edge pools magnify the beauty of your landscape. If your home is close to the mountains, you can see them as you bask under the sunlight, in the pool. 

In this guide, you’ll get to know about the construction and landscaping requirements of these pools and weigh the pros and cons. 

So let’s dive into it, shall we? (Pun intended.)

Factors To Consider During Construction 

Sloped Edges

Pool constructors typically build these pools on sloped grounds to aid the water’s flowing effect into ‘infinity.’ 

Normally, other pools need reinforcements of some kind on sloped edges. This is to ensure the pool remains level with the ground. 

But the design of infinity edge pools means it needs no such reinforcement. Lovely, no?

What Material To Use

The next thing to consider is the materials. Choose materials of color that closely match the surrounding body of water or the horizon to maximize the infinity pool effect.

The usual types of pools include vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete. Fiberglass is the more common material for such pools. 

Landscaping The Surroundings

Consider the surrounding sightlines and all other environmental features to properly achieve the infinity edge look, merging with the secondary water body or the horizon. 

Think about the fencing that will surround the perimeter of your pool. Discuss with your pool designer how they can make the fences look fantastic. 

Decide what material to use for fences –  sandstone is typically a good option. 

You can place plants and shrubs to beautify the borders of your pool. Matching colors or creating contrast is a neat trick that soothes the eye. 

Pros of Infinity Edge Pools

Given the design’s popularity, it cannot be a stretch to imagine that there are indeed practical advantages. Some of them are:

  • The primary advantage is the ability to install it on sloping ground. Such an installation also adds to the illusion of a seamless flow of water.
  • They are easier to clean and maintain than traditional pool designs. The water itself is continuously cleaned and filtered from a secondary catch pool that features infinity edge pool designs.
  • The high customization potential for infinity edge pools makes it a safer pool for kids. You could customize it to have a wading section as well.

These advantages, along with the prospect of a stunning view, are why buyers are willing to pay high asking prices for infinity edge pools, which brings us to our next point of discussion.

Cons of Infinity Edge Pools

As stated earlier, the most enormous and standout disadvantage is the price. The secondary pool is mandatory. Some other cons include:-

  • Infinity edge pools are less safe than traditional pool designs due to their exposed edges. So accidents and falls are likely.
  • Repairs are more difficult to undertake due to complicated design. Thus they cost more.

The main disadvantage lies in the maintenance costs described below. 

Thus, be prepared to spend more than you would on a traditional pool design. 

Maintenance Costs

In the early days, Infinity edge pools have a bonafide reputation for being quite expensive. Now you’ll find them to be quite viable compared to the past. 

With the base cost of a pool project averaging $40,000 to $80,000, an infinity edge pool adds about $25,000 to $45,000 to the price.

Infinity edge pools are easier to clean and maintain than traditional pool designs. However, their running costs are higher due to the engineering sophistication involved. 

Some designs come with a variable water system to account for evaporation, which also has its own maintenance.

Factor in the costs of the secondary pool – the most crucial part that keeps the pool running. 

Unless you incorporate the secondary pool, you’ll have to bear extra charges in the form of overheating and overflow costs.

The final figure of monthly maintenance costs comes down to many other factors such as: 

  • air temperature 
  • wind speed
  • exposure
  • hours of use 

Why Should I Still Choose This Pool?

Person swimming in infinity edge pool

There’s only one reason why people overlook the costs. And we know you will too. 

Since these pools closely resemble a water body, you end directly looking out to the horizon. The serenity and peace that comes with it are enthralling. 

Having the water view creates a whole new reason to build a swimming pool. 

But enhancing this view with water in motion is the sole reason customers decide an infinity pool is the best option for a backyard swimming pool. 

This peace is the number one reason for deciding to build a swimming pool in your backyard.

Whether it’s the sky, trees, forest, lake, or sea, for you and your family, infinity pools will always be the star of the show.

All of your senses will thank you for choosing to invest in this pool. You and your guests can relax here better than in a Jacuzzi. Thus, you’ll feel the same satisfaction as you drive home every day to the remover of all the stress.


This spectacular architectural work of art simply creates a remarkable showpiece in your home. So if your wallet can stretch it, an infinity edge pool is definitely something to get.

You’ll see it blurring the lines of the horizons of the sky. And we’re convinced that you’ll find no other way to make your home shine bright. 

Thus, with this guide, we hope you’ll get all the answers to questions regarding this unique type of pool. 

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