house with front yard landscape design

Front Yard Landscape Design: All You Need To Know

Are you worried about your neighbors not visiting that often? Can’t understand why something doesn’t feel right when you walk up the steps to your beautiful home?

We aren’t psychics, but we might have an answer. You might not like what we’re about to say but hear us out. It’s not you; it’s your front yard. 

Don’t believe us? We knew you wouldn’t. But think about it. 

The Impact of A Front Yard

blue house with front yard landscape and trees

Your front yard makes the first impression on onlookers, passersby, and new guests. A beautiful front yard landscape design can make anyone feel at home. 

Landscaping your front yard can increase the curb appeal of your house. Thus, it means prospective buyers will be more attracted to your home. 

So chances are your house doesn’t seem friendly enough. How do we fix it then?

What Makes Up A Front Yard?

stone pavement leading towards green house in front yard

Before you develop your ideal front yard landscape design, you need to consider all of its elements. Therefore, a lawn or a meadow in front of your house isn’t all there is to a front yard. It includes:

  • Walkway and its surroundings
  • Driveway and its surroundings
  • Trees, shrubs, ground cover, and flowering plants
  • Front steps, terraces, and decks

Hence, let’s consider ways to beautify our front yard by focusing on each aspect. 

Walkway Design: Framing The Entrance

stone walkway leading to wooden door with lights and pumpkins

The pathway from the street to your doorstep can give visitors a warm welcome. That is why crafting an enchanting walkway is vital.

Make the door your focal point as you approach the house. Line your walkway with evergreen plants to highlight the path. Introduce curves in your walkway and widen one end so that the trail gets wider and wider. This makes fair use of exterior space. 

But what happens after nightfall? What if there’s rain?

Surround the walkway with a lamp post to distribute lighting evenly. If you can spare the money, install a trellis that shields guests from the rain. 

To be more accommodating to senior citizens, you can place a bench for them to sit and rest if they feel tired. 

Driveway Landscaping

driveway with greenery leading to peach house

Driveways should be broad and visible to entrants. A curved driveway that widens and leads to the garage is best – it prevents the possibility of knocking into some tree. 

Along the edges, add cement pavers or Belgian blocks to give an elegant touch. 

Choose materials for your driveway that will be durable under all weather conditions for a long time. Concrete and bluestone are easy to maintain and last long. 

Consult your landscape designer if trees and plants will block the view of the driver. So if there are any concerns, quickly move them to a better position or remove them entirely. 

Construct circuits to ensure the lights switch on as night falls. Ensure the entire path from the road, through the drive, and up to the front door is illuminated. 

All About Greenery: Design Your Garden

Let’s talk about different kinds of plants and how to use them.

Ground Cover and Shrubs

brick wall with shrubs in front yard

Ground cover and shrubs match grass and can also act as an alternative. Arrange them in large numbers – you’ll have low maintenance plants that brighten up your path. 

During spring, they help to conceal the dead leaves of winter, making your garden look fresh. 


pathway surrounded by trees and leaves

Trees can be tricky to work out. They frame your home and upgrade the curb appeal. They are also a long term investment as planting and maintaining a tree requires an expert set of hands. 

Carefully select the exact location where the tree should be. Foresight is critical; placing it too close to your house can block windows. During storms and hurricanes, the drooping canopies pose a risk as well. 

You can also grow vegetables and herbs to maintain a healthy life. That way, you can grab a quick cure for the common cold. 

Flowering Plants

yellow, white and red flowers

Before your woody friends can grow, flowering plants fill your garden with energy. The bold and bright hues will seem appealing to anyone. 

Go for everlasting flowers or other low-maintenance flowers that require replanting only once or twice a year. You can also prepare a magnificent, luscious front yard landscape design of your own with proper care. 

Flowering trees are enticing and grab the attention of anyone passing by. The vibrant colors and warm fragrance greets guests with an air of hospitality. They also make for some beautiful selfies and nature photography. 

One other benefit is such trees bearing fruit. During harvest season, plucking ripe edibles is easy. So consider growing these fruits; there’s nothing more joyous than your children picking up fresh berries dropped from trees. 

Tips For Maintaining Balance

stone pathway surrounded by greenery

There needs to be a balance between the number of flowers blooming and shrubs thriving. Plant in bulk: the quantity of plants matters more than the amount of species. 

Ideally, you won’t need more than one or two bulky trees. For shrubs, an average of four species sounds good; other long-lasting flowers or perennials can go as high as ten types. 

The order is also important. Repeating plants throughout the garden will bring cohesion and complete the garden. Fill empty spaces with as much vegetation as possible. 

Simple means gorgeous. Don’t clutter the walkway or driveway with too many plants. A neat structure is easy to take care of and looks more sophisticated. 

Step Designing and Decking

yellow house with tree and steps in porch

Layered gardens add a unique texture to the view of your home. You should have a wide variety of terracing plants that differ in color, texture, and scent. 

A minimum of three steps on your porch is recommended. For wheelchair-friendly use, add a ramp to help your neighbor’s grandma. 

Add plants beside the steps to accentuate its structure. Steps should be as wide as the path leading up to them to maintain consistency. 

In winter, regularly check if the steps are covered with snow to ensure safety. 


A glorious front yard landscape design makes an excellent first impression on your coworkers, friends, and family members who come for a visit. 

It radiates elegance and warmth at the same time. It helps you to be close to nature. 

With this guide, you can find the perfect front yard landscape design for you. 

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